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Server News

by Vip Fortuna

New Holosite

I hearby proudly announce that our beloved TAR-Family has a new place we call home:

If you encounter difficulties, please let me know via ingame message (DM).

Best regards

Vip Fortuna
your friendly Twi'lek-Admin

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Aratech News

by Ku'Bakai Roche

It's the beginning of Year 16 and the traditional time for us to review the performance of our many members.
Year 15 was a very profitable year for Aratech where we delivered hundreds of vehicles to customers. We look forward to Year 16 being just as profitable we hope.
This is a list of promotions and awards for those who contributed so much this past year.


  • To Engineer Cadet (Recruit): Remar Lovan
  • To Engineer Apprentice (Petty Officer): Ender Vargas
  • To Engineer (Chief Petty Officer): Fyston Sutsgy
  • To Foreman 1st Class (Ensign): Flax Kane, Gwazi Magnum, & Zansatsu Kase
  • To Senior Chief Foreman (Lieutenant): Torth Ladar


Aratech Service Medal

  • Ender Vargas
  • Flax Kane
  • Gwazi Magnum
  • Zansatsu Kase
  • Bibe Numn
  • Ryn Man (Posthumously)

Duty Bar Ribbons

(Only awarded upgrades to those that logged in the last year).

  • 1 Year of Service: Ender Vargas, Flax Kane, Gwazi Magnum, Zansatsu Kase, Bibe Numn, Ryn Man (Posthumously)
  • 3 Years of Service: Torth Ladar, Fyston Sutsgy, Lothor Lohgun
  • 4 Years of Service: Ku`Bakai Roche, Lueving Tonato, Valek Press
  • 5 Years of Service: Aidenolm Rosemourne, Akura Dominar
  • 9 Years of Service: Daktal Hearst

Letter of Commendation Awards

  • Flax Kane
  • Gwazi Magnum
  • Zansatsu Kase

Aratech Production Branch

Awarded this year for those who worked on the Hapas Consortium Order

  • Daktal Hearst
  • Ku`Bakai Roche
  • Lueving Tonato
  • Flax Kane
  • Torth Ladar
  • Gwazi Magnum
  • Zansatsu Kase

Aratech Betterment Award

Torth Ladar

Thank You President Roche

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Academy News

by Ku'Bakai Roche

It is with great pleasure that I announce the first graduate of Year 16, Mador Anami.
Mador has completed the coursework in almost record time and received a near perfect score on his final exam. We welcome him into the ranks of the Rangers. He has been very active the last month working to progress the Ranger cause working to move vehicles for Aratech and most recently working to build hospitals for the Rangers.
We look forward to his service in the years to come.

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Archived News


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