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Ranger Pride

Written by Flich Warfield

"Greetings fellow rangers and sentinels, It seems to Char that some things have slipped as of late. Slipped a lot.

Everyone needs to go to the Judicial Chambers and take a look at the Ranger Code. Well, more than take a look, we need to get back to living it. The Rangers have had a long and hard history. The way we survived was by our honor and determination that we can make the galaxy a better place.

Char believes that we still can, and we will. However, we need to realize that the rules are there, and they need to be abided by.

This isn't a huge bitch session, because Olort is as much at fault as everyone else.

  • From this point forward the military section will resume the use of ranks in communications. The civilian side will use proper form of address in communications outside specific faction channels (IE private IRC channels, PMs between members of equal or nearly equal rank)
  • Everyone's infofield needs to kept current. Your rank is in the first one, dept 2nd(logistics, culture, etc) the 3rd one is reserved for future use.
  • Our respect for our fellow sentients will extend to those who have made the mistake of becoming our enemy. We seek to show by our actions and the example of our lives of what the proper thing to do is. How we treat those who are against us speaks volumes, probably more than the way we treat our friends.
  • The members of the Advisory Council shall be referred to as Advisor, or title, if they have one. (The Advisory Council are either Rangers of long standing, or veteran Combine players, they are deserving of respect)
  • Proper daily conduct among the various sentients of the various factions is crucial to our success and this has been proven true over and over. If one gives one advice, especially from the higher ranks down to the lower ranks, consider well before disregarding said advice. If one gives one an order, live it to death. Consider well the actions and words of even the newest recruit, we were all there at one point. More instruction can be passed on by a patient listener, than a howling madman, in both directions.

Exceptions to the rule:

#cmg-rangers for the recruits/cadets will be a rank free zone, but proper respect will be shown both up and down the chain of command

#rangers is an OOC channel

#TAO is the High Command channel and therefore falls under the equal or nearly equal statute"