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Deakon Jarvis Steps Down

Tar`lula Kwahm‎

"Hello all beings, this is FHN bringing the latest news, Im Tar`lula Kwahm." said the pink Twi`lek with a slight frown to her face as she continued.
"About an hour ago Deakon Jarvis, the leader of The Antarian Rangers relinquish his duties and has handed the command to Ranger Two Rhys Skywalker.
It was four days ago a holonet message was beamed to all Rangers from his flag ship announcing his resignation due to ill health. It is believed a few close colleagues and all the High Commissioners have known for some time. Deakons health has deteriorated over the past week or so, on long missions in space and running of the security organization. We managed to contact Deakon Jarvis' flagship and spoke with the First Officer Hermon Dugal."

A serious looking human with glasses and one side of his face disfigured from burns appears on the holonet.

"Ranger One Deakon Jarvis is in satisfactory condition in our medical facilities, Sadly he cannot deal with his duties, and needs plenty of rest. Im sad to say his condition from some virus he has picked up and the stress he has been on doing his duties have made him not fit to be a Ranger. That is all I can comment, now ..."

"Excuse me I just got word ...yes... we just got a quick statement of the new Leader of TAR Rhys Skywalker:"
"I would just briefly like to wish my collegue and friend all the best in his recovery and hope that one day he will be fit again to serve TAR again in whatever role he may wish to pursue, I will do my best to continue what Deakon has started in us all."

"This is a sad occasion and end of an era which Deakon Jarvis will long be remembered for stabilising and structuring the The Antarian Rangers organisation.
It was only a day ago Sorosuub Corporation had seized control of the Galaxy from the Galactic Empire. Rebel Alliance Ambassador Jake Azzameen —a close mutual friend of the Rangers and Deakon said today after two such events:"
"...important day for TAR and the Galaxy..."
"FHN send our condolences to Mr Deakon Jarvis' wellbeing. Thank you for watching, till next time