RangerNews/March 2006

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Leader Change

This is Corn Vainor reporting live from Ranger HQ where Ranger 1 Rhys Skywalker recently handed over to the recently returned Ranger 1 Deakon Jarvis.
Deakon returned from his vacation in deepspace to take back the reins of TAR after just a few months.
Deakon said "I like to thank HC Rhys Skywalker for relieving for the past month or two, and is now Ranger two, since Von Krolok stepped down in that position. I hope to work well with Jun...I mean Rhys to keep TAR on track."
We managed to catch the now Ranger 2 Rhys Skywalker who made a brief statement.
"The Rangers are a pleasure to lead and I was all to happy to do so whilst Deakon had a break, I knew from the beggining he would return and now I wish him all the best" This is Corn Vainor reporting.. In other news....