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Company Motto
"Standing still is moving backwards.
Each little improvement is a victory in our vehicle technique!

Aratech: Speed, Maneuverability, Firepower
At the ground, water and in the air... "

Imprinted in the foundation stones of each new factory.

The name for quality vehicle technology in the private, corporate and military sectors. Aratech is the sole owner of the 008 Speeder technology, which was developed as one of the most powerful vehicles in the galaxy. Our production team also developed the Aratech Hunter Corvette, which is still the largest and most powerful aquatic vessel in the Galaxy sold to the public.

Aratech Motor Works, located in the Xo system of Spinward, is the main producer of vehicles in the northern sectors of the galaxy. The faction is producing under a conglomerate of factions that protects Aratech's factories and guarantees the safety of our tradelanes as well as a ready supply of building materials.

We can afford to mass produce vehicles due to the fact that we are supplied with materials from the affiliated faction Outer Rim Excavations, in combination with a large amount of factories. Our production lines are manned by the best technical producers using the finest materials available to sell you high quality products. A team of scientists are constantly working to improve our vehicles.

Leadership Joining Aratech

Aratech is a group inside the Star Wars Combine.