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The rangers have been around for several hundreds of thousands of years. Their heritage vast and libraries are filled with their missions of exploiting the Sith and helping the Jedi. Whether they be on protection missions for the Jedi or contributing to the wealth of the New Republic to forge armies, The Antarian Rangers have always been there. The official creation date is not known but however traditions and legacys have always been passed on since the birth of The Antarian Rangers.

Episode 0 - The Founding (Pre Year 5)
Over the course of many years, the rangers have always had its heritage to be looked up. Under the direction of the House of Antaria, the rangers were under the leadership of Choibacca Antaria as a droid producer. The headquarters was located on Lorrell and was believed at one time it was a station in Hapan space called the White Star. At one point the rangers were close to the Wraiths, another military group.

Episode 1 - The House (Pre Year 5)
During this period The Antarian Rangers were rebuilt to become a paramilitary force but only to be robbed and betrayed by the Jedi Jawa Samus Augill and his apprentice, Maximillian Archer. Also the House of Antaria left the faction only for the Rangers to be held on to dear life by a few dedicated rangers.

Episode 2 - The Rebuilding (Pre Year 5)
Shortly after the House of Antaria pulled out all assets from the Antarian Rangers and a small dedicated band of rangers including Dedrick Rogue saved The Antarian Rangers. This truly showed the spirt of the ranger will never fail. The small band were only mentioned briefly but are: Von Krolok, Jack Darooky, Andrew Bodowski, Deakon Jarvis, Kyle Navras, Ranos Jolpar. Only shortly after this the Rangers were robbed again. Also a relationship formed with the Jedi Praxium as the rangers became brothers/sisters with them.

Episode 3 - The Stagnation (Pre Year 5)
Isoldor Storm was holding Dedrick Rogue and two other rangers ransom. At this point Isoldor Storm told the Rebel Alliance that the ransom was up and executed Dedrick Rogue and the two rangers. Jake Azzameen took up leadership only till Tine Darky became Ranger 1. This period led to another leadership change to Garik Vordarian to be the next Ranger One.

Episode 4 - The Disbandment (Year 5)
This period had two notable ranger 1s, Garik Vordarian and Deakon Jarvis, were in charge. Vordarian, was one of the greatest rangers of all time and decided that becoming ranger one was a great leap of faith that he could not keep and decided to step down to make way for Deakon Jarvis. This period only lasted till Kal Fisto, Master of the Jedi Praxium, decided to loot the Jedi Praxium and formed The Exchange, a pirated organization. Garik never did want leadership and only held the position of Ranger 1 for a month. He nominated

Episode 5 - The Stability (Late Year 5 to Year 7 303)
The Jedi Praxium's remaining leaders decided to merge the remaining assets and members into The Antarian Rangers while under Deakon's command. He led The Antarian Rangers for over two years with Rhys Skywalker being his Ranger 2.This era came to a close when Deakon Jarvis became ill and had to step down as Ranger 1 to only let Rhys Skywalker to become it.

Episode 6 - The Expansion (Year 7 Day 303 to Year 8 Day ??)
Rhys being given the mantles of The Antarian Rangers, boosted the the income of The Antarian Rangers. At this time Rhys was able to purchased the vehicle producer known as Aratech from Jesfa of the Sons and Daughters of Freedom and rised the Outer Rim Excatvations. This was probably the most beneficial time period and most financially stabled since the times when the rangers got robbed.

Episode 7 - The Preparation (Year 8 Day ?? to Year 9 Day 221)
Daktal Hearst became Ranger 1 shortly after Rhys stepped down. Although Rhys was still around, Daktal forced an organizational reformation to operate way more efficently. Once he got what he wanted he ceded his powers to Liam Helmrow. One month before the official GNS flashpoint news released that The Antarian Rangers was going to become a government, Liam fell gravely ill and decided to step down as Ranger One.

Episode 8 - The Reformation (Year 9 Day 221 to Present)
It was heard all over the universe, The Antarian Rangers did it! They became an government entity on Year 9 Day 221. Char'Kargis Olort became Ranger One after the Liam era. Another reformation was to come to allow the new status of the rangers to reflect upon its newer needs. Flich Warfield returned during this era to ease the transition of the government status.