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In this month's issue you can read news by Aratech and a police action on Xo III.

And as always: Submit your entries for next months issue via DM to Char´kargis Olort or Vip Fortuna.

Aratech News

by President Ku`Bakai Roche

Daktal Hearst Research Center
Research in Motion (click to enlarge)

Year 13 Day 229
Aratech ushers in a new age of vehicle supremacy with the opening of the Daktal Hearst Vehicle Research Centre.
Opening on the shores of the northern crook of the Xovian ocean it is a state of the art facility that will undoubtedly revolutionize the vehicle industry in coming years.
Once fully staffed the Research Centre is expected to begin work on modernizing such designs as the THX-1138, the MTV-7, the Hunter-class Corvettes and the LST.
Who knows what new vehicles will emerge in the years to come from this grand facility.

Currently Aratech is looking for qualified researchers in hull, electronics, weapons and engine designs.
If you'd like to join this brave new effort then get in now at the ground floor and ensure your place in history.

Police Action on Xo III

by Commander Ku`Bakai Roche (Reserves)
Year 13 Day 236
Originally a small outing had been planned on Xo III by Commander Ku`Bakai Roche, Engineer Ryn Man and Petty Officer Vanr Imiralis. The intention was to look for big game and see if we couldn't bring down some. Engineer Man brought a company of troops to help support the effort.

While searching Mr. Man and Mr. Imiralis came upon some Falumpasets while waiting on Commander Roche to arrive. Their efforts to bring down the beasts were no successful. They regrouped and were deciding their options when Commander Roche arrived.

Shortly after Commander Roche arrived the two had spotted a group of squalls not far away and were preparing to go in that direction when the Commander arrived.

A squad of bandits was spotted not far from the group's ships making their way towards a nearby settlement containing part of the planetary shield generators by Commander Roche. Knowing that this could open up to new attacks from enemy forces the three quickly decided to engage under Ku`Bakai's command

Commander Roche led a squad of his personal troops into battle. The better armed of the squads it opened fire at range and nearly killed the bandit squad leader. One trooper was wounded significantly by a bowcaster used by the enemy.

Mr. Man and Mr. Imiralis would finish sorting their men but a lack of munitions caused difficulties still they would join the battle with their men. The battle would rage for about 2 hours as the groups settled in. The second half hour saw Commander Roche's troops annihilate half the bandits. Petty Officer Imiralis would then pick off two of the bandit survivors. The other two would fall to Commander Roche over the next hour.

Few of the bandits poorly maintained weapons survived the exchange, a single vibroblade survived which Engineer Man asked if he could keep. No one raised objection so he kept it.

As the action ended Commander Roche and Petty Officer Imiralis led their squads aboard the Savior. Mr. Imiralis wishing to return to his duties after the exchange and give his men a well rested break. The group said they'd meet again to patrol in the future, but a date was not set. Engineer Man continued to scout the area in Pholomon's Light to ensure no further bandits were around as the other two blasted towards orbit.