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Here's the Feb Newsletter. And as always. Submit your entries for next months issue via DM to Char´kargis Olort.

Academy News

by Chancellor Roche

I am glad to announce that we have opened up the long anticipated new basic lessons for the academy. Over the next week or two we'll move them from the New Academy Wing where they were developed into the Academy Classrooms, but they are already in use with our first pupil, Cadet Gaara Kraken being the first to undertake them. A few modifications may occur based on his feedback.

The Military Wing of the Academy will welcome Commandant Lijido Rothe aboard. He will be undertaking the task to develop a lesson plan and begin to work on lessons for Military section of the Academy. He'll be working with Ranger Two as well as myself in this, though I will be mostly developing more civilian advanced certifications. Additional professors may be needed for this phase, however that will be at Commandant Lijido Rothe and Ranger 2.

As always if you have an idea for the academy, a lesson you think it needs, please contact and share your idea with me.

Aratech News

by Vice President Roche

Aratech is pleased to have welcomed two new employees this past month, Alexander Cross and Canis Trans. We look forward to working with them in the coming years as we continue to produce the best Vehicles in the Galaxy.

Aratech also has several members reaching milestones this month. Lothor Lohgun has reached 6 month mark in the organization, though largely his time has been spent in the lab and we don't see much of him. Lueving Tonato, Valek Press, and Ku`Bakai Roche have all reached the 1 year mark with Aratech. Kairi Biloxi has reached the three year mark of service. We thank all of these for their service.

For those that missed it there was an address to the company in the Aratech forums, with them up and down so much folks might not have missed it. I would like to quote our President's address here is his words:

"I don't really have it in me to make a long flowery speech this evening, but this is definitely worth mentioning. Calculating money going out, money coming in, and what we had to begin with, the recent payment from the Jedi Oder has put us at 100 million credits in sales for 2011. Considering out sales in recent history, this is one hell of a milestone and it is definitely not thanks to me. You guys have all worked hard this year for little pay and even less thanks and you can all expect a hefty Christmas Bonus this month. Thank you guys." -President Daktal Hearst

I mention his words because it leads to some special awards to those who helped make that goal possible. As Vice President I would like to award the Letter of Commendation to the following Aratech Employees for their work in helping us achieve that goal: Aidenolm Rosemourne, Akura Dominar, David Byte, Lueving Tonato, and Valek Press. These gentlemen were involved in material hauling, vehicle hauling, tooling factories, producing vehicles, and other activities which allowed us to reach that milestone.

In addition in talking with President Hearst in the past some individuals achievements in past years were not suitably recognized. Prior to me joining the corporation in early Year 12 there were two individuals who made great sacrifice and work for the Aratech corporation in Year 11. I wish to rectify that they were not awarded a suitable award and hereby award the Aratech Betterment Medal to Akura Dominar and Szass Thuram in recognition of their work in Year 11.

I'm sure as you log on you will notice that I have assigned new ranks to most of you. This is part of an ongoing process with your new rank is an approximation based on your past rank. It may be a bit before we learn the corresponding rank in the overall Rangers family but I want a system where you will be better rewarded for your efforts going forward so I'm rolling out Aratech's now. A 1 rank advancement for many were included in the new rank assignments.

Work completed in the last few months including work on Project Oracle will also count towards future rewards. I will post on our forums a copy of this new rank structure and approximations on time needed to achieve. If you haven't done so I'd suggest getting into the Academy and doing those lessons if you need to. (You can also skip the lessons and just take the final exam if you feel you are able to do so).

I hope the year coming up will be more prosperous than the year that has passed. May the Force be with us.

Ranger Corner

by Ranger One

As you all know, we have a job forum on our holoboard. Char is proud, for the most part, of how jobs get snapped up quickly, but we seem to go through lulls where things don't get done. Char is returning to Xo now to take care of a couple such jobs. When a job comes up, it needs to be taken care of, no matter how minor it seems. Please consider this next time you are flipping through the channels.

On a more positive note, those of you not in the High Council be prepared for a Family giveaway of almost epic proportions. It involves the forums, a pile of credits, a couple ships and some vehicles. Once the final details are set in stone, you'll get the full story, so watch this space.

Project Oracle Update

by Commander Roche

I thought a small blip on Project Oracle would be needed. Phase I was delayed in completion due to technical difficulties over the last month. Phase II is underway. If you don't have other assignments and want to help out contact me and I'll be more than happy to help assign you some coordinates to check out.

It is anticipated that Phase I will finish in the next couple of weeks. Phase II is progressing in good accord.

An OOC reminder

Combat, R&D and all that are due out this year. Invest any skill points you may have wisely.