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Close up: Ranger Uniform

  • Medals and Ribbons are always worn in a order of precedence
  • Medals not separate by a blank line are all equal to each other, ie. The Navy Cross is on the same level as the Army and the Intelligence Cross.
  • Service bars are replaced by service stripes on the uniform
  • Academy Graduation ribbons are replaced by a crest on the uniform
  • Combat only awards: [HON] [SOA][TOA]|[*C][RC][JOR][RUC]|[???]
  • Non Combat awards: [DSM][ACH]|[RC][*AR][JOR][RAM][GCM][LOC]|[???]
  • Order of Precedence


Division Service Ribbons

Awarded upon request by the respective commanding officer to all Rangers who serve with dedication in any division for +3 months are eligible for the respective Service Ribbon.
Aratech-service-ribbon---aras.png [ARAS] Aratech, Service Ribbon
Aratech-Production-Ribbon.png [ARAP] Aratech, production branch
Ore-service-ribbon---ores.png [ORES] Outer Rim Excavations, mining branch
Sst-service-ribbon---ssr.png [SSR] SST Service Ribbon
Marines-sog-service-ribbon---mcsr.png [MSCR] Marines-SOG-Service-Ribbon
Marine-service-ribbon---msr.png [MSR] Marine Service Ribbon
Navy-service-ribbon---nsr.png [NSR] Navy Service Ribbon
Logistics-service-ribbon---lsr.png [LSR] Logistics Service Ribbon
Istar-service-ribbon---isr.png [ISR] ISTAR Service Ribbon Intelligence, Surveillance, Tracking and Recon
Istar-top-gun---itg.png [ITG] ISTAR Top-Gun
Diplomatic-corps-ribbon---dcr.png [DCR] Diplomatic Corps Ribbon
Tar-highcommand---hc.png [HC] TAR High Command

Academy Ribbons

Academy-Leader---AL.png [AL] Academy Leader Badge Worn by the Dean of Ranger Academy.
Ranger-academy-graduate---rag.png [RAG] Ranger Academy Graduate Graduates of Ranger Academy may wear the ribbon.
Ranger-academy-topgraduate---ratg.png [RATG] Ranger Academy Top-Graduate The Top Graduate of a his class of Ranger Academy may wear the ribbon.

Duty Bars (Years of Service)

Upon graduation Rangers are allowed to wear the Duty Bar ribbons.
As the years progress additional symbols may be attached to represent their veteran status.
Dutybar---db0y.png [DB0Y] 6 Months of Service
Dutybar---db1y.png [DB1Y] 1 Year of Service
Dutybar---db2y.png [DB2Y] 2 Years of Service
Dutybar---db3y.png [DB3Y] 3 Years of Service
Dutybar---db4y.png [DB4Y] 4 Years of Service
Dutybar---db5y.png [DB5Y] 5 Years of Service

Special Awards Ribbons

Civilian-battle-award---cba.png [CBA] Civilian-Battle-Award
Liberty-medical-center---lmc.png [LMC] Liberty-Medical-Center
Azzameen-seal---as.png [AS] Azzameen-Seal Awarded by House Azzameen
Darian-falcon---df.png [DF] Darian-Falcon

Operational Ribbons

Awards granted for operations and projects of the Antarian Rangers.
Operational-service-ribbon---ops.png [OPS] Operational Service Ribbon
Joint-operation-ribbon---jop.png [JOP] Joint-Operation Ribbon Awarded by the Chief Military Officer of the Antarian Rangers to all members of units participating in joint operations (military only) with allies.
Combat-action-ribbon---car.png [CAR] Combat-Action-Ribbon
Project-sunrise---psun.png [PSUN] Project Sunrise
Ranger-galaxy-tours---rgt.png [RGT] Ranger-Galaxy-Tours
Casit-taxplanet---ctp.png [CTP] Casit-Tax-Planet

Achievement Ribbons

Letter-of-commendation-ribbon---loc.png [LOC] Letter-of-Commendation Ribbon This Commendation is presented to Rangers, who, in the believe of their direct CO, shall be recognized for dedication, efficiency, initiative and performance making them exemplary in their unit.
Ranger-activity-ribbon---rar.png [RAR] Ranger Activity Ribbon
Good-conduct-ribbon---gcr.png [GCR] Good-Conduct Ribbon Awarded to Rangers who have served +1yr of service and displayed actions and words becoming a Ranger, fidelity in service and proving to be a good role model for others in the Family.
N/A [RC] Ranger Citation Awarded by Ranger One for duties, not necessarily involving combat actions, as a Ranger.

Ranger One has to specify occasion for awarding this citation.

N/A [RUC] Ranger Unit Citation This Citation is awarded to an entire unit by Ranger One for exemplary service in operations.

{graphic is enclosed in gold frame

N/A [AAR] Army Achievement Ribbon Awarded by the Commanding Officer of the Army to an Army officer for good performance and lasting contribution in the Army of the Antarian Rangers.
N/A [NAR] Navy Achievement Ribbon Awarded by the Commanding Officer of the Navy to an Navy officer for good performance and lasting contribution in the Navy of the Antarian Rangers.
N/A [SAR] Support Achievement Ribbon Awarded by the Commanding Officer of the Support Command to an Support officer for good performance and lasting contribution in the Support Command of the Antarian Rangers.


Pin-ranger-one---pro.png Collar.png Pin-ranger-elite-veteran---prev.png
Pin: Ranger One Collar: Navy Ranger Pin: Ranger Elite Veteran
Worn by the serving Leader of The Antarian Rangers Worn by Elite Veterans

Medal-of-Honor.png Shield-of-Antaria.png Tear-of-Antaria.png
Medal of Honor Shield of Antaria Tears of Antaria
The Medal of Honor is awarded for bravery extending far beyond the call of duty, at the risk of life. It is awarded personally by Ranger One, and only with the permission of HC. The Shield of Antaria is awarded for great courage in the face of danger significantly affecting the aims of Ranger Operations. The Tears of Antaria are awarded to any member of the Antarian Rangers, who is wounded or killed while being on duty

Bronze-Star.png Silver-Star.png Purple-Star.png
Bronze Star Silver Star Purple Star
Awarded to any Ranger, who while on duty, involving risk or danger, display exemplary performance and conduct contributing substantially to their command. Awarded to any Ranger, while engaged in Military Actions, showing heroic and conspicuous gallantry.

Distinguished Service Medal
The DSM is awarded in recognition for exceptionally long and meritorious service to the Antarian Rangers. This is the highest non-combat honor that may be granted.

Superior-Service-Medal.png Ranger-citation-medal.jpg Ranger-achievement-medal.jpg
Superior Service Medal Ranger Citation Medal Ranger Achievement Medal
Awarded to any Ranger who has served with the Family for at least 1 year and has displayed over that time superior service in a position of leadership. Awarded at the discretion of Ranger One, who specifies the occasion for the award. The ACH is a non-combat honor awarded by the HC, for performance that benefited the Antarian Rangers in a particular and substantial way

Aratech-betterment-medal.jpg Ranger-betterment-medal.jpg Ore-betterment-medal.jpg
Aratech Betterment Medal Ranger Betterment Medal ORE Betterment Medal
Awarded for Good Service within the Rangers. As a general service award this may be presented in conjunction with another award or any situation. Awarded to Rangers who showed deep dedication for the betterment of the faction Aratech. Awarded to Rangers who showed deep dedication for the betterment of the faction Outer Rim Excavations

Ranger-cross.jpg Meritorious-unit-commendation.jpg
[RC] [MUC]
Ranger Cross Meritorious-Unit-Commendation
Awarded to any Ranger who, through dedication, skill and intelligence, displays and represents the best traditions of the Rangers. Awarded to any Unit or Division who significantly contribute to the Antarian Rangers operations in a military operation against the enemy.