RangerNews/December 2010

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The power of the group grows

Outer Rim Excavations recently took the latest step into the future of our enterprise with the opening of two class I shipyards and one Class III shipyard. The addition of these resources to the ORE infrastructure will make it possible to further stabilize the wild outer rim systems as well as to provide needed production capacity to support both Outer Rim Excavations endeavors but also to support our close allies.

Additional facilities have been built in the Wefalia system recently to support the anticipated eventual resumption of raw material trading with the general public. The recent completion of two trading stations is yet another sign of the resurgence of Outer Rim Excavations back into the materials community.

The addition of these facilities is expected to provide needed relief to stressed markets in regard to needed medical vessels and mining transport vessels. All inquiries should be sent to Schem Pel.