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Aratech News

by Ku`Bakai Roche

With the easing of Imperial regulations enabling manufacturing companies to produce a wider variety of goods Aratech is pleased to announce that it will take over the management of Outer Rim Excavations shipyards. Torth Ladar has already started the first ships to be produced by Aratech. These early ships will be to supply The Antarian Rangers, Outer Rim Excavations and Aratech with defensive measures. However it is hoped by early Year 17, Aratech will produce ships in limited numbers to sell on the open market as it has vehicles over the last several years.

Aratech will also be entering into limited item and droid manufacturing. Again early runs of these will supply the Rangers with long sought after materials and goods they could not obtain easily in past years.

After the initial runs though Aratech will be offering a number of items for sale on the open market. What might be offered is not yet set in stone but it appears Aratech will offer flight suits, stouker concussion rifles, vibroblades, and DDC defenders in the future.

Aratech will also be entering into droid manufacturing. At this time it is hoped to be able to offer medical and mining droids. It is hoped we can work out a deal to offer some protocol and astromech droids as well but those plans are still awaiting feedback.

While Aratech will be entering these new fields as allowed now by galactic law, it will principally remain a vehicle manufacturer. Presently working on the final stages of a significant order though less than last years big order. It is felt that the future is looking brighter.

President Roche