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To Try The Darklights...

Less than a month after first reports aroused about the illegal machinations of the Darklights and in particular their leaders, Sharon and Wes Ugon, The Antarian Rangers and The Jedi Order invited the Galaxy to a press-conference broadcasted by the Galactic News Services at the Dantooine System. During the conference Jormungand Gand of The Antarian Rangers, and Thragg Craghorn of The Jedi Praxium announced a decisive success against the group and its leadership. The following transmission is a videofeed from Dantooine, presented by Corn Vainior

A seemingly normal conference room is coming into view, with two Gand visible, both standing behind speaker desks bearing the seals of the Rangers, and the Order respectively.

The Ranger addresses the audience:

“Antarian Ranger SpecForces supported by elements of The Jedi Order, in particular Master Thragg Craghorn of the tribe Craag’haarn, successfully apprehended Sharon and Wes Ugon, the leaders of the Darklights in a joint operation conducted during the past 24 hours. As we all know, both, Wes and Sharon Ugon, have not only earned somewhat of a ‘reputation’ in the Galactic trade scene for alleged theft and scam, the group Darklights has also declared its public interest into bounty-hunting, an euphemism for assassination.” Thragg Craghorn continues… ”in addition, the Jedi Order had placed a warrant on Padawan Wes Ugon upon his defection from The Jedi Order, succumbing to the Dark Side. While Wes Ugon is already in custody of the Order to face a tribunal, Sharon Ugon is presently held in custody of the Rangers. That is all, thank you…”

He focus returns to Corn Vainior, while the two Gand leave the conference room, ignoring the questions shouted to them by the assembled reporters.

“Given the rather short time since the appearance of the Darklights, this news certainly comes as pleasant surprise, as alleged criminals where removed from the galactic scene to face law and justice. Moreover, earlier this day GNS has issued a newsflash announcing the dissolution of the entire Darklights group, in all likelihood the direct result of the swift and precise action of the Rangers and the Order … thank you for listening, Corn Vainior.”