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Aratech News

THX-1138 Void Spider
THX-1138: Now exclusively sold by ARATECH

Dissolution of Uukaablis Trans-Systems
by Ku`Bakai Roche, President Aratech

The vehicle industry is a field where few seem to tread. Today one of those few fell after nearly seven years serving the galaxy. It was a bright hope for the galaxy when it came onto the scene. It filled a niche for years until leadership plagued by declining health was unable to keep activity levels high enough to meet demand.

Prior to his declining health Sharad Waador had guided UTS into prosperous times. He is an entrepreneur and we hope that this small set back does not discourage him, that his health will improve and that he will return to the field in the future. We offer heartfelt sympathies to UTS employees displaced by the closure of the company.

UTS leaves a number of vehicle designs now abandoned among them the Amphibian Hover Boat, the CAVw-PX-10 and the Platoon Hover Craft. Aratech had tried to last year rent uses of the Amphibian but we were not able to secure uses, it is a design in the future we might try to revive.

The closing of UTS also leaves Aratech as the sole holder of the THX-1138 design. Often overlooked it is useful in many terrains, we had not built any recently but may reconsider now, our researches are looking at an upgraded version but that's a few years out yet.

May the Force be with Sharad Waador and his valiant crew as they seek new opportunities.