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Aratech is no longer taking production orders for any vehicles.
However, Data Card rentals will still be available at the normal price.

For services please contact Ku`Bakai Roche.

Factory Management

Aratech will manage your factories and workers to help you produce vehicles.
We charge production cost + 10% for this service.
Production cost varies greatly by vehicle and planetary conditions but generally runs between 1.5x and 2x the Estimated Raw Material Price of the Vehicle.
You just assign us manager to factory and workers that you plan to use, then have your man apply to Aratech. He starts the jobs and then can hop back and the jobs will complete.

Contact Ku`Bakai Roche for any questions.


Please see the price list below for retail or datacard rental.


Vehicle X-34 Landspeeder.jpg

X-34 Landspeeder
Retail price: 186,200

DC Rental Price: 20,000

 Vehicel kettrifee air mover.jpg

Kettrifee Air Mover
Retail Price: 2,011,122

DC Rental Price: N/A

 Vehicle V-35 Courier.jpg

V-35 Courier
Retail Price: 262,191

DC Rental Price: 20,000

 Vehicle HX-1138 Void Spider.jpg

THX-1138 Void Spider
Retail Pric: 329,079

DC Rental Price: 40,000

Vehicle V-00 Rover.jpg

V-00 Rover
Retail Price: 252,825

DC Rental Price 40,000

Vehicle 008 Heavy Landspeeder.jpg

008 Heavy Landspeeder
Retail Price: 3,000,000
DC Rental Price: 900,000

Note: Restricted Tech

Vehicle Hover Transport TC9.png
Hover Transport TC9
Retail Price: 700,000
DC Rental Price: 10,000

Ground Vehicles

Vehicle MTV-7.jpg
Retail Price: 208,315
DC Rental Price: 20,000


Vehicle Bongo Sub.jpg

Bongo Sub
Retail Price: 2,000,000

DC Rental Price: 1,000,000
 Vehicle LST.jpg

Retail Price: 3,000,000

DC Rental Price: 1,000,000

 Vehicle Hunter-class Corvette.jpg

Hunter-class Corvette
Retail Price: 3,500,000
DC Rental Price: 1,000,000

Note: Restricted Tech


Vehicle EVS.jpg
EVS Construction Droid
Retail Price: N/A
DC Rental Price: N/A


Vehicle SX-65 Groundhog.jpg

SX-65 Groundhog
Retail price: 469,495

DC rental price: available via ORE
 Vehicle FK-7 Airspeeder.jpg

FK-7 Airspeeder
Retail price: 287,474

DC rental price: available via ORE
 Vehicle Alazhixazha.jpg

Retail price: 394,010

DC rental price: available via TAR