History of Aratech

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Year 7

Aratech was founded on Year 7 Day 38 as a sub-faction to the Invisible Army (IA) government. They operated under the competent command of the H`nemthean Nomak Drome. For many months the company expanded its persuasive influence on the vehicle market and their ever expanding amount of factories to produce their varied combat vehicles.

Unfortunately this paradise was not to last, after the retirement of Koz as lead of IA the government began to wear away and Aratech was soon sold along with its sister faction Cybot Galactica, both were bought by the new faction alliance known as the Sons and Daughters of Freedom. The immediate time following the sale IA’s stability reached breaking point, and break it did, the government descended into anarchy and areas under its control were quickly seized by The 12 Colonies along with various ships and assets. Aratech offered amnesty to any IA members who wanted to take it, but few did, many instead followed their old leader into the darkness of Bounty Hunters Guild. Not stricken by this, Aratech was now under the control of the Mon Calamari Jesfa Ackmin and began the process of re-construction of the business so that it would again be the top vehicle producer in the galaxy. Jesfa Ackmin then sold it to the infamous ranger Rhys Skywalker and has since been in the command of The Antarian Rangers.

Year 8

Aratech prospered within the protectorate, concentrating on optimizing the production line process.

Year 9

After TAR had proclaimed itself the ruling government of Ottega, Aratech received the official status of a nationalized faction and Aratech management staff held seats in TAR administration.

Year 10

Only few sales where done this year. Aratech products still have the status rare and only a handful of exclusive clients where allowed to purchase a limited number of hand crafted vehicles.

Year 11

After internal problems within TAR, Aratech changed ownership and is now privately owned by Daktal Hearst.

Year 12

In the early part of Year 12, Ku`Bakai Roche joins Aratech along with his friends Valek Press and Lueving Tonato. With their help Daktal Hearst is able to begin to breath new life into Aratech. Towards the later part of Year 12 he makes Ku`Bakai Roche the Vice President of the company and shortly thereafter awards him the Aratech Betterment Medal. Through the help of Ku`Bakai, Valek and Lueving, Aratech, has new factories built and again begins limited sales to the public after a long lapse. Valek spearheaded Project Bongo Sub during this time leading to a very popular selling item.

Year 13

In the early part of the year talks opened between Aratech and [orizon Tactical Armaments about some cooperation in vehicle production for the coming year. The first of these agreements would allow HTA to build 100 Couriers and 100 Void Spiders for sell on the open market.