RangerNews/November 2010

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The job market has taken an upswing in the Outer Rim

Written by Char`Kargis Olort

ORE has embarked on a new quest of planetary development to help bring the stability and good governance and employment to the down trodden of forgotten systems. In the process of this we have entered a massive resource development campaign to both identify and put into use the massive quantities of raw materials located deep within the surface of our home planets.

To this end ORE is looking for individuals that are interested in the following critical jobs:

Lead our highly qualified prospecting teams across exotic worlds and in search of new sources of valuable raw materials.

Lead our talent construction crews as we push both income development and security development on our core home worlds.

Help move the essential raw materials that we mine to the places and people that need them most.

If there are any questions at all as to our operations and to inquire as to positions please contact the leadership of ORE at your earliest convenience.