History of Outer Rim Excavations

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Year 7

Outer Rim Excavations (ORE) was founded on Year 7 Day 148 by the item producer Toskan Industries (TI). ORE provided the needed resources for the production of survival kits. Ten proud employees set the foundations of the company headquarters on Thantus in the Outer Rim F-4. ORE prospected and mined the planets in the sector and soon became the main regional producer. First President in the company's history was the Nautolan, Daktal Hearst, who was replaced by the young Twi'Lek, Vip Fortuna on Year 7 Day 307, who then led ORE for almost 4 years.

Year 8

After technical problems of the holding company, ORE was sold and became privately owned by the two entrepreneurs Rhys Skywalker and Jesfa Ackmin, with the purpose to unearth raw materials in territories ruled by The Antarian Rangers (TAR) and Sons and Daughters of Freedom (SDF). By this time ORE was heavily investing in new mines on multiple planets in 3 different sectors: Ottega, Rachuk and Outer Rim F-4.

The cooperation ended after 6 months and the new general owner Rhys Skywalker integrated ORE into TAR with the vision to have a loyal and stable material producer that could fulfill all needs. ORE soon became the logistical civil wing for TAR and began to produce the needed supplies for the newly bought-in vehicle producer Aratech while TAR patrols guarded ORE industry sites. In the first year that followed, ORE concentrated on laying the foundations of a prospering future and many new claims were developed.

Year 9

After TAR had proclaimed itself the ruling government of Ottega, ORE received the official status of a nationalized faction and ORE management staff held seats in TAR administration, while the President of ORE became the speaker of all affiliated nationalized companies.

Year 10

In Y10 TAR became an official member GA, and since then ORE provided all affiliated groups with the needed materials for all aspects of live in the Galaxy.

Year 11

In year 11 Day 291 Vip Fortuna stepped down and announced the Kel Dor, Schem Pel as his predecessor. Schem Pel has led ORE from that day to present.

Although Outer Rim Excavations has recently gone through a short period of difficulties to find skilled and dedicated workers, ORE stands ready to supply the galaxy as it always has and is looking forward to a prospering future. True to the maxim: '" ORE - Let's Rock! "'

Year 12

Vip Fortuna returned in the later part of Year 12 to once again lend support, acting as Vice President of the corp he once led.

Year 13

On Year 13 Day 78, Vip Fortuna, was again appointed as President and continued to put his expertise for the better of the company.
He installed Mordred Kah as his Vice-President.
At about the same time, the company encountered a big input of new employees and was able to further their production line.