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Mission Accomplished

by Vip Fortuna

With the support of several returning members and the generous help of our loyal friends in Freedom Warriors and New Republic, ORE was able to raise its member count and thus gain a permit for an additional Headquarter by galactic authorities.

Visualization of ORE HQ at Xo I

Today at 17:00 galactic standard time, a small building crew laid the foundations of the new complex in Intergalactic Starport City on Xo I.

President Vip Fortuna himself was attending the ceremony and personally buried the time-capsule in the soil of the construction site.

Wuma Uxal-Lumir, former member of The Antarian Rangers and now leading the mercenaries Freedom Warriors, had this to say: "Mission accomplished."

Cheda Quche, Deputy Chief of State of New Republic, responsible for the smooth member transfer from NR, sent his greetings via holovid: "I am glad we could help. Let us know if you need anything else."

The facility, carefully designed by leading architects, will be erected within the following month. Sticking to the latest construction norms, the building will meet all criteria for sustainability. Only locally produced materials are being used and thus reducing the need for galactic-wide transportation routes.

Internals claim it an additional indication for the manifestation of ORE main base of operations in the northern part if the galaxy.