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Welcome to the recently revived TAR Newsletter! Char hopes that his becomes a regular feature again, and provides you with the news of our group that you're looking for. If anyone wishes to provide input for the newsletter, you need to DM Char. Only DM inputs will be selected for the newsletter.

This month's issue includes news from TAR Academy, Aratech sales department and the promotions of long-serving Rangers. Starting off this month's newsletter is a brief interview of one of our own, by none other than Vip Fortuna.

Interview with A Prospector

by Vip Fortuna
This is the first issue of a series of interviews, where we focus on a single member.

Can you please state your name, rank, and your current mission objectives.

I'm Lieutenant Commander Skarka Trongard and I've just returned from a largely successful prospecting mission.

What kind of equipment do you use?

I have used both the FK-7 Airspeeder and the SX-65 Groundhog.

What is it like to do prospecting on a distant planet?

It can be tiring and rather lonely. I've noticed missions come and go that I would have liked to have taken.

Would you say that it needs a certain character when it comes to prospecting?

Yes, both loyalty and tenacity.

What has been your largest deposit (deposit of biggest worth) ?

I do not follow the prices of ores and I do not generally record my findings, so I would not know the greatest value. To clarify, I do send my findings on to both Char and whomever we are prospecting for.

What are you doing in your spare time?

Helping to keep track of the factions who mean us ill.

Thank you for your effort.
This was Vip Fortuna.


Next up, we have some awards to announce across our various factions.

Char would like to congratulate Lijido Rothe for passing the one year mark with TAR. He has been awarded the One Year of Service duty badge for his Service ribbon. Congratulations, Mr. Rothe.

Continuing this portion we turn to Mr. Roche, VP of Aratech

Honoring Time Served

by Vice President Roche

We would like to take some time this Newsletter to recognize the service of several employees who have reached certain milestones in the Ranger community.

Akura Dominar on approximately Year 12 Day 290 reached the two year mark as a member of Aratech and the Rangers. We appreciate all his efforts from then until now. I understand he was a great go getter back then and he continues to do all he's asked.

Aidenolm Rosemourne on Year 12 Day 351 reached the two year mark as a member of Aratech and the Rangers. We appreciate his dedicated service and continued work for the outfit. He's also busied himself lately with several small missions and even been patient when I messed up on one .

David Byte around Year 12 Day 353 reached the one year mark as a member of Aratech and the Rangers. We appreciate his recent missions usually with Akura to help retrieve corp property.

Thanks for all you do guys and keep it up. We appreciate it all.

In further news, Aratech has had some major strides lately, and to tell us about them is, again, Mr Roche of Aratech.

New Aratech Factories Come Online

by Vice President Roche

Greetings Rangers, I'm pleased to announce that Aratech had four new factories come online this past month on Xo I. These factories will help us replace some of our lost manufacturing capacity lost during the Black Sun raids of past years. Though Aratech maintains control of the former factories they are on decidedly hostile planets with shields in some cases.

We look forward to using these new factories in the near future to begin supplying the Jedi Order with Vehicles to help them keep the peace of the galaxy.

Project Bongo Sub A Hit!

by Vice President Roche

Looking to get back into the marketplace, Aratech decided it was time to get back into public sales. A few projects were suggested. Project Bon go Sub was suggested by Security Tech. Press. He suggested we build them and sell them as few boats were ever up for sale. On the other hand I was thinking Project Voidspider might be successful. After a run of the numbers though Project Voidspider was canceled due to it costing more to make them than the avg market price, however the most profitable vehicle examined was Project Bongo Sub.

The Project had a few glitches getting the naval shipyards going after such a long time and it took us almost two months to roll them of f the lines. I'm proud to report that all six sold within 24 hours of being put on the Centrepoint Market. We accepted slightly less than the initial offering due to fear of our competitors, but we still doubled our money on them. It was a huge success, and we look forward to continuing the project.

Many thanks to Security Tech. Press for his ideas and we hope he keeps them coming.

Academy News

where we take a look at the education system that turn ordinary sentients into Rangers

Ranger Academy News

by Chancellor Roche

Greetings Rangers, its good to bring you another Academy Update. Rather than posting them on our holoforums I will from this time forward submit the Academy Update to the Newsletter so that folks can see it there and we can help have a regular article.

The Academy updates are proceeding. We plan to roll out the new lessons on Y13 D1. I know t hat is somewhat close by but many of the lessons for the basic academy only need some touch ups and a few of the electives are ready. Additional courses will be added in time according to our need.

Some of the new lessons are taught by Ranger 1 involving Production, another lesson taught by myself on Facility Construction. There is a medical lesson floating around someplace I think but I need to grab hold of it again.

At the time of this writing Vice Chancellor Press is still on his sabbatical. We do hope he returns soon to resume his duties. I've heard he plans to return around Wookiee Life Day.

Professor Gale Naitin has now been with the academy for 90 days and will receive the instructor ribbon for her efforts. We appreciate her efforts and look forward to her advanced lessons from the Art Department.

Next month will will announce the winner of Y12 Class B top cadet ribbon.

Thank you for your time Rangers. If anyone has a lesson idea or plan please feel free to contact me on the matter.

Classified Ads

The Antarian Rangers have recently received a very large order for medical supplies, droids, and KAMs. Look for your local lab and the Stab n Slab to be very busy for the foreseeable future.

Vehicles Wanted

I'm looking for some uncommon to rare vehicles. Wanting to collect some for possible future research. I'm looking for the following: X10 Patrol Groundcruiser, Wind Rider, Personnel Skiff Model IV, and Mon Calamari Submersible. Would possibly be interested in swoops, speeder bikes and pod racers too. Contact Ku`Bakai Roche through Darkness system.

Thank you for your time and until next month,