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Welcome all, and sorry for the delay.
Char would have liked to have our new holosite fully functional, but we decided to totally revamp the the holosite, and we're hoping that everyone will appreciate all the hard work Vip Fortuna is putting in on this.

And with that note, let the Newslettering begin!

This month's issue includes the following topics:
An overview of Project: Oracle is provided, we will have a new interview by Vip Fortuna and News from Aratech. We start with the Academy News.

Academy News

by Chancellor Roche

I know folks are wondering about the new lessons, and well with the Life Day celebrations it has taken a bit longer to finish the remaining small touches than originally planned. As many of you know I was also trapped for some time while the Indefatigable underwent repairs so I was unable to acquire the necessary video feeds etc to get the new Academy lessons rolled out on time. However I anticipate within the next week of having the new Basic Academy open for business. I'm sorry for the delay.

We have 1 final subject for this Academy News, that is the awarding of the Top Cadet award for Year 12 Class B. That award will be awarded to Gale Naitin. We do hope she returns soon to live up to her potential.

Ranger Files

Next, Char would like to remind everyone that Ranger Files are now mandatory.
Promotions and awards will be based on your Ranger File. The Faction Briefing Room has the full details. Those who do NOT have a File will be passed over for promotion and service/longevity awards.

Project: Oracle

by Ku`Bakai Roche

As many Rangers know the call for Project: Oracle was issued towards the end of Year 12. We are now just a bit over a month into the project and I thought I'd give a small overview of the project. As you know some sort of Force Storm wreaked havoc upon the galaxy shifting the locations of systems and planets. In some cases even transforming planets into completely different types. This change brings certain uncertainty unto the galaxy. It is fortunate the Rangers got the Xo System and all our stuff is close up.

The first phase of Project: Oracle is the immediate gathering of data from nearby hyperspace coordinates to ensure that none of our enemies managed to acquire a nearby post to us. Thus far no enemy stations have been detected in this first stage of the operation. It is expected that the first stage should be completed in the next week or two as the remaining pilots report in.

Phase two of Project: Oracle will consist of recon sweeps of nearby known hostile systems. One such system has already been assigned and hopefully we'll get reports soon enough. Others will be assigned in the coming days. Phase I has been limited to Spinward Sector. Phase II will encompass Mieru'kar and Veragi Sectors. Phase III in the future will reckon Gree Sector, the heart of the Black Sun.

To date no one has been injured during the operation and all has proceeded well. Ryn Man early on did have a slight equipment malfunction and visited briefly the center of the galaxy, he has since returned to work.

I would like to thank the Rangers who thus far have participated in Project: Oracle.
Participants so far have been
Ryn Man,
Lijido Rothe,
Richard Pyrol,
Raiden Jin,
Akura Dominar and
David Byte.

I'd like to thank them for their work so far. W e have a lot more to check out and there is still time for you to participate. For those not following the holoboards closely there will be a mission badge for this mission and possibly the future missions into unknown space which will be a different Project.

Thanks Rangers!

Ku`Bakai Roche
Commander (Ranger Reserves)

Server Down-Time and new Site

Char would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Vip Fortuna, Wuma Uxal-Lumir, and Daktal Hearst for their various input and assistance when our old site died. We'd be in deep poodoo without each and everyone of them. Keep an ocular organ out for the unveiling of the new site.

Interview with a Veteran

by Vip Fortuna

Hello again. In this issue we want to focus on a long-term member of TAR-The Antarian Rangers.

Can you please state your name, rank, and your current mission objectives.

I am DennyMala Solo, Commodore and I'm now covering a logistic role hauling raw materials for our production and building goal... think of me as a space trucker just to say...

What kind of equipment do you use?

The best I can find for the job. That's what I'm used to... but almost never you can get the right stuff so you gotta adapt and squeeze a result from what you have.
Out of it, I'm Corellian and since I completely lost any memory of my past life, I tend to gather Corellian stuff for me... a way maybe to be able to recall something or be more in touch with my past.

Being in TAR for that long, what motivates you to keep on?

The duty, the honor, the Family with all its members and the true belief that we're on the right side of the barricade. We're the one that will never let you down and that will never let an enemy stand. Time is on our side.... as an old tune sang.

What has been your most rewarding moment of serving within TAR?

There have been some in truth, and only a few related to personal things such as achievements or mission done with outstanding success. Most of the really good moments involves the Family and all the fellow Rangers. I think of graduation ceremonies... they always risk to put a tear in my eye... or successes for our cause... it's not a particular thing... probably one that stand out a bit would be the day I was let into the Veteran's Room and received this pin...(he points to the Ranger Veteran Badge)... that's a day to remember for sure!

Would you please shed some light on the Ranger Oath?

The Ranger's Oath ...(he paused for a moment swallowed by his thoughts)...yes...(and he started to repeat the oath)

I DennyMala Solo swear to honor and serve The Antarian Rangers, to the best of my abilities. I will help my fellow Ranger family and abide to keep tyranny and injustice at bay and do my duties.

That is the essence of the Family. You not only have to serve TAR, but to honor it. It means to bring honor with all your action, every day and in every circumstance. Always doing your best as nothing less will be acceptable and nothing more will ever be requested. EVER. Helping our each other is a must in the Family and no Ranger will ever be left behind; not only referring to combat situation or dangers, but to any aspect of the life as a Ranger. The training, where you help your fellow cadets and strive for the better for every of them, the day to day work where everything you do is done to reach our goals and ease the work of the others. Then our goal, oppose tyranny and injustice. That can be done only executing and caring for your duties above yourself. It is a selfless life the one a Ranger choose and in that way it has to be lived.

In your very humble opinion, what does it need to be a Ranger?

Being able to live up to the Oath we take and that we just spoke of. You need to be here for honor, duty and the strong sense of what's right. Money, glory or success are nothing... you need to see yourself as a sort of martyr in some way. You need devotion, absolute devotion.

Can you give some advice to the younger Rangers within our ranks?

Well, I'm not known to be one of the wiser around, but I can say that if you stay true to you, your fellow Rangers and the Family, you'll be well around here.

What are you doing in your spare time?

Eh... spare time... easy to tell... right now I'm mostly kicking around crates and stuffs trying to leave an open passage aboard my assigned ship during t ravels.... I hate that, I'm a very tidy person and I like order... that mess just drives me crazy.

Thank you, Commodore. It is good to have you with us.

This was Vip Fortuna with the Interview with a Vet.

Aratech Service Awards

by Ku`Bakai Roche

This month we have only one Aratech member up for a Service Award.

Fyston Sutsgy has achieved 6 months in Aratech as of Year 13 Day 4. We appreciate his services.

Several Aratech members will reach service milestones next month.

I know several are wondering about promotions and such and though I'm not announcing any for this month please be advised such will be coming shortly in the future in recognition of work done. I appreciate all those who have participated in hauling, scouting, retooling, hiring NPCs, training NPCs, starting production jobs etc this past few months that have enabled us to become more successful. There will be more work ahead, please keep up the good work and know that your efforts are noticed and will be rewarded.

Thank you Aratech for all you do.

Thank you all for your time and your patience.
The High Council and Char personally are proud to stand by you as Rangers.

Char`Kargis Olort Aal-Qyrrgg
Ranger One

Submissions to the Newsletter are welcome, anything from news tidbits to classified ads. Submissions are due by the end of the month, sent via Darkness Message to Char'Kargis Olort.