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Raw Materials

Bacta is available for sale at a rate of 9,000,000 credits per 100m3 through Centrepoint Market.

Medical Items

All prices subject to change. Delivery services available for an additional fee.

Bacta Tanks

Item bacta tank.jpgItem bacta refill.jpg
Bacta Tank + 3 Bacta Refills - 12 million
2 Bacta Tanks + 6 Bacta Refills - 20 million

Delivery available for an additional fee. Please visit Centrepoint Market to order.

Healing Items

Item bacta refill.jpgItem bacta patch.jpgItem healing stick.jpgItem medikit.jpg
Batch orders only. If an item is not in stock, it can usually be produced and ready for pick-up within 3 days.

Bacta Refill - 480,000 per batch (20)
Bacta Patch - 950,000 per batch (50)
Healing Stick - 720,000 per batch (35)
Medikit - 2,630,000 per batch (7)

Item antidote.jpgItem laser scalpel.jpgItem stimpack.jpg
Antidote - 720,000 per batch (20)
Laser Scalpel - 482,000 per batch (50)
Stimpack - 958,000 per batch (22)

Delivery is available for an additional fee.


Vehicel kettrifee air mover.jpgShip sprint-class rescue craft.jpg
Kettrifee Air Mover:Available through CPM
Sprint-class Rescue Craft: Available through CPM

Fully-Stocked Medical Transports

All TAR medical ships come fully stocked with the appropriate amount of bacta tanks and one batch of refills standard.

Space Stations

Station hospital platform xq-2.jpgStation medical factory station.jpg
Space stations are built by the Antarian Rangers and available via special order only.
Please expect at least a two-week wait on new orders.

Full-Service Station Building

Hospital Platform XQ-2 - 19 million
Medical Factory - Inquire


Facility hospital.gif
Hospitals can be built by either Ranger personnel or by your personnel hopping to TAR.
Cost is Production +10%.
We also manage hospitals for a low rate, inquire within for specifics

Any questions not covered above, please contact Char`Kargis Olort or Char's designated representative