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This issue contains an Interview with a Vet, Breaking News and, with a first and unique, a SWComic.
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Aratech News

Factories open on Asher I
by President Roche

Towards the end of Year 13 I approached Cybot Galactica about the possibility of opening a manufacturing city on Asher I in their system of Asher. Karvainen Kummajainen, CEO of Cybot Galactica was very quick to approve the deal and very helpful throughout the process.

We built 2 100-flats and a power generator for Cybot in exchange for the city rights. I believe it was a very good deal and time will tell. Karvainen is the one that named the city Rochetown not myself. However construction has completed on all facilities at last. This gives us 5 new factories in operation which are even now working on an order. In addition support facilities like hangars, taverns, offices and hotels were also built which should generate extra income in coming months.

In order to lessen the material impact on Outer Rim Excavations we ordered materials from XXX Miners and they came through in a timely manner. I'm sure ORE would have given us the materials but by us buying this from XXX Miners for Asher I it enabled construction on Xo I using ORE material that Torth and Lueving are currently starting which will help improve that planet and provide additional revenue for The Antarian Rangers in coming months as the work is completed, as well as more population for ORE.

I hope to announce further expansion in the future.

This was President Roche.


SWComic derraflu.png

Last Salute to CoS of NR

Ceremony on Xo I
Last Salute (click to enlarge)
Deceased CoS of NR

by Vip Fortuna
Earlier this day, Rangers of all ranks attended a formal 'Last Salute' for the recently deceased Chief of State of New Republic, Cheda Quche.
As RNN reports, due to unknown circumstances, the politician was captured and then probably didn't survive the kindnapping. General Ambassador Vip Fortuna had this to say:
We sharply condemn the shameful deed.
Our thoughts and sympathies go to the family and the citizens of the New Republic. We hope the assassin gets caught and brought to justice soon.
Recently diplomatic relations between TAR and New Republic were resumed.

Interview with a Veteran

Daktal-Hearst 100x100.jpg

by Vip Fortuna
Hello again.

In past issues we spoke with DennyMala Solo and Skarka Trongard.
In this issue we want to focus on a long-term member of the vehicle manufacturer Aratech.

Can you please state your name, rank, and your current mission objectives.

Captain, I believe, Daktal Hearst. Its possible I received a promotion or demotion at some time, but last time I looked, I was a Captain. My current mission, I guess, is to increase Aratech's profit margins. I pursue this goal with less than constant ferver I admit, but its my goal nonetheless.

Can you please tell us something about your earlier days.

My early days were actually with The Antarian Rangers, not Aratech. Same corporate family as you know, but a completely different lifestyle. Especially back then. Not only was I a military man, but there was no Aratech or Outer Rim, no factories nor miners or technicians, just Rangers.
Nowadays there are civilian-types everywhere, women, children, consumers, experts. Back then, everyone was a soldier. It was a different atmosphere. Its hard to put into words. Its like the difference between living on a military base and living in a hotel, or drinking in a back-alley swoop bar and having cocktails in a fine Coruscanti Cantina.
Early days were exciting though, we were the 'Good Guys' and there always seemed to be a 'Bad Guy' somewhere that needed a good poundin' on. Or a secret mission fraught with danger on some planet with man eating plants and poisonous lizards. Nowadays my poundings are delivered across the market and the poison is all on paper in a contract. Exciting in its own way and less dangerous.

You have earned a respectable number of badges and medals in your carreer.
Mind to tell us for what you were rewarded with the Ranger Honor Badge?

Rhys Skywalker gave that to me back when he was Ranger One.
thoughtful pause ... I don't remember what for. Thats awful. But this and the others were all for just being a good Ranger, that what it boils down to. Being in the right place at the right time and doing what needed to be done. That sounds like a lame, generic answer, but its the truth.

Can you give some advice to the younger Rangers within our ranks?

Your career is what you make of it., don't put yourself in a rut.

What brought you into the vehicle business?

Theft and murder. Ha! But seriously: theft and murder. I might as well be a pirate for all the effort I took to get inot the vehicle business. A few years ago, TAR was taken over by a hostile group, it assets liquidated and its members killed by their own ships and weapons. Aratech was literally dropped into my lap as we bolted out the back way, so to speak, and I've held on to it ever since.

The motto of Aratech is 'Standing still is moving backwards. Each little improvement is a victory in our vehicle technique!'

Can you please tell us its origin?
I honestly have no clue. When I finally got around to re-opening Aratech, the factories had been abandoned for a long long time. That slogan was on a plaque in its corporate center and on all its letterheads, so i kept it. Before I aquired it, Aratech had changed hands quite a few times, and I'm not sure who takes credit for coming up with that.

What are you doing in your spare time?

Exploration and adventure mostly. I chase rumors and excitement. A little big game hunting here and there. Since the Shockball league disbanded, I've turned my eye toward podracing. That and I like to spend money; I enjoy enjoying myself.

Thank you, Captain Hearst. It is good to have you with us.
This was Vip Fortuna with the Interview with a Vet.