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Award Ceremony of Y10 D282

A ceremony room filled with The Antarian Ranger banners filled the halls with tables of food and liquor from all over the galaxy. The table centered in the back of the hall seemed to be where all the High Ranking dignitaries and The Antarian Ranger High Command sit. The tabled lined as the other tables with food and liquors but also a table cloth of bright purple with it being lined gold that. In front of the table set a podium where Flich Warfield stood. Flich dressed in white mess dress uniform he used in all important diplomatic meetings and occasions.

I bid you welcome to this special occasion. I am the one conducting this ceremony. I hope you enjoy your food and beverages. I welcome our special guests including our Jedi friends.

Flich paused for a second, shuffling through papers gathering his thoughts and arranging several ribbons that would be awarded.

Without further ado I will explain the meaning of this occasion. Several months ago we began a project to expand our capital, influence, and population of several of our worlds. This project was known as the Casit Tax Planet. The following individuals that I call out must rise and come forth to be awarded.

Bafu Boon
Mako Syles
Kin Renrut
Mos Gracon
Ilya Sorel
Daniel Remak
Char`Kargis Olort
Rex Rawrlington
Flich Warfield
Rhys Skywalker
Nox Adari
Chris Juggalo
Vip Fortuna
Sel Yeshir
Orion Centrus
Rhynia Lyrdurra

Flich continued on to the rest of the awards, pulling out two more medals to be awarded.

'The next two individuals distinguished themselves very highly in the efforts of stopping traitors and thieves alike by capturing a known accomplice in the theft of Bittny, a planet we owned. These two will be proudly presented the Meritorious Service Medal. These two devised and carried out a successful plan to obtain Tui NaAlta. Their names are:

Gideon Stargazer
Wuma Uxal-Lumir

Let's hear it for the recipients of these great awards! For they all did a job well done!

Rigorous applauds sounds throughout the halls as the recipients got awarded their awards. After a few moments of applauds Flich raised his hand to calm the crowd of the excitement

Finally there is one promotion that I can not give by my hand.

Flich stepped back and allowed the crowd to be taken by the Ranger 1, Char`Kargis Olort. Char`Kargis came forward to the podium to speak.


Citation to accompany the rank of Ranger 3 to Flich Warfield. Ambassador Plenipotentiary Flich Warfield has distinguished himself in the performance of outstanding service to The Antarian Rangers in the reorganization of The Antarian Rangers to a full fledged government, diplomatic means to the Galactic Alliance, and finally various construction projects including the Casit Project. During this time period his dynamic leadership and exemplary foresight consistently forged powerful results in every area of endeavor, resulting in the increased effectiveness and success of The Antarian Rangers. Since the beloved Rhys Skywalker passed away, Flich Warfield has took the reigns with all his might and has been very successful in these endeavors.

Ranger 3 will be a product of leadership of the Internal and External Affairs. Ambassador Warfield will be required to hold all diplomatic positions on top of all external and internal affairs including: Recruitment, Construction, Logistics, Culture, and other various rules with helping Ranger 2 in military affairs when required and Ranger 1 in other roles as required.

“We will now proceed with the promotion portion of today's ceremony. Ranger One of The Antarian Rangers, has placed special trust and confidence in the patriotism, integrity, and abilities of Ambassador Plenipotentiary Flich Warfiled. In view of these special qualities and his demonstrated potential to serve in the higher grade, Ambassador Flich Warfield is authorized to assume the title and rank of Ranger 3.

Signed by my hand on this 282nd of the 10th Galactic year.

Ranger One,
Char`Kargis Olort

Ranger Two,
Blake Firewalker