RangerNews/September 2006

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Freedom Holonet News

Tar`lula Kwahm‎

Music and the FHN logo is produced on the holonet before focusing on a young pink attractive Twi`lik in a silver tight fitting top, in a studio with the galaxy as backdrop. She looks up to the viewer with a gentle smile and warm violet eyes

"Hello to all beings in the Galaxy. To the new voice of truth, justice and freedom.
My name is Tar`lula Kwahm your informer of the truth for Freedom Holonet News (FHN)." Said Tar`lula in a soft and precise manor.

"We are here to give you the best of our ability, indepth and impartial news. It is not our way to inforce what we believe the truth is but deliver it in a way for you to decide. Many news broadcasts on GNS and other minor channels preach propaganda, half truths, personal insults and one sided views. It is our job in FHN to give better researched news that effects our galaxy.

So stay tuned to the FHN channel for more quality news stories into the future. Thankyou for watching, till next time."

Tar`lula smiles at the viewers and turns with a silent giggle to someone off camera as the music and title cut her out, fading back to normal broadcasts