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Aratech News

by Ku'Bakai Roche

It's the beginning of Year 16 and the traditional time for us to review the performance of our many members.
Year 15 was a very profitable year for Aratech where we delivered hundreds of vehicles to customers. We look forward to Year 16 being just as profitable we hope.
This is a list of promotions and awards for those who contributed so much this past year.


  • To Engineer Cadet (Recruit): Remar Lovan
  • To Engineer Apprentice (Petty Officer): Ender Vargas
  • To Engineer (Chief Petty Officer): Fyston Sutsgy
  • To Foreman 1st Class (Ensign): Flax Kane, Gwazi Magnum, & Zansatsu Kase
  • To Senior Chief Foreman (Lieutenant): Torth Ladar


Aratech Service Medal

  • Ender Vargas
  • Flax Kane
  • Gwazi Magnum
  • Zansatsu Kase
  • Bibe Numn
  • Ryn Man (Posthumously)

Duty Bar Ribbons

(Only awarded upgrades to those that logged in the last year).

  • 1 Year of Service: Ender Vargas, Flax Kane, Gwazi Magnum, Zansatsu Kase, Bibe Numn, Ryn Man (Posthumously)
  • 3 Years of Service: Torth Ladar, Fyston Sutsgy, Lothor Lohgun
  • 4 Years of Service: Ku`Bakai Roche, Lueving Tonato, Valek Press
  • 5 Years of Service: Aidenolm Rosemourne, Akura Dominar
  • 9 Years of Service: Daktal Hearst

Letter of Commendation Awards

  • Flax Kane
  • Gwazi Magnum
  • Zansatsu Kase

Aratech Production Branch

Awarded this year for those who worked on the Hapas Consortium Order

  • Daktal Hearst
  • Ku`Bakai Roche
  • Lueving Tonato
  • Flax Kane
  • Torth Ladar
  • Gwazi Magnum
  • Zansatsu Kase

Aratech Betterment Award

Torth Ladar

Thank You President Roche