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Aratech News

by Ku`Bakai Roche, President Aratech

In the past few months things have been busy. Our attempt to take control of Bosph I came up short due to lack of funds, however we managed to expand our facility control enough that Aratech now is making enough income from facilities to finally cover wages. This should be a boon for us in the future. The planet had come up for a free for all due to the dissolution of several factions, the planet seems to have stabilized now and we have no plans to contest Boabab Merchant Fleet's control of the planet.

I'm finally beginning to recover more fully from my health problems, the surgery went well and I'm doing well. Still a little sore around the middle but other than that things are looking up, I have a bit more energy than I used to.

Zansatsu Kase has had to take a leave of absence to undergo training, but is expected to return in the future. We wish him well in his training and hope he returns to active duty soon. He'll be training aboard the MTC Algunnis.

At the same time we would like to welcome Lueving Tonato back to active duty after nearly a year leave of absence. He was a great worker and we know he'll be back at it and help us pull through these times.

I am hoping to represent Aratech at the upcoming Jawa gathering on Malastare in the next month or two to see about plying some wares. The gathering has been opened to non Jawa. As my health is recovering I'll try to get back into selling more stuff again.