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The Antarian Rangers - Unique in their own

A group of veterans was planning on joining The Antarian Rangers, until they got wind that they wouldn't be paid a big deal of money.
After making an issue of the fact that money wasn't an option, they up and bailed.
This is the speech TAR high-ranking member Stryder Mordae gave the very same day.

Stryder Mordae:
Tonight I was supposed to bring you good news, but instead I am reminded of why the Rangers appeal to me.

My fellow Rangers, today for me defines why we are Rangers, and why we stand out from other groups. What defines a Ranger? Is it moral standing, choosing to aid a fellow Ranger because it is right, and not for personal gains. Some of the Rangers before me remember the traitor Jormungand Gand, or was even friends with Gand. And those know the suffering and the pain it is when a friend sells out not only you, but everything you stand for.

Is it the selfless sacrifice each of us give? I for one have given up many job positions. Pirating with Eidola, I've being asked to be a shadow vigo by more then one Black Sun member. Or I could have been a mercenary and even a military commander. And I know some of us here have given up even more to remain in the Antarian Rangers.

Perhaps it is that we fight a fight no one dares or has guts to undertake. Because for us it is for survival, not personal glory. Yesterday I was excited, my hopes where high and our future can be seen on the horizon. Several key veterans from the Republic had agreed to come to our aid. But only when faced with the solemn truth that our way of life is too hard for the immediate pay. Some of the Republics finest members would not even dare to live the life of a Ranger.

In light of this it is clear to me what defines a Ranger, to me. It is one that will stand against the odds when others can't. I plan to amend this meaning and make add "and thrive.