RangerNews/June 2006

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TAR gets Mining

This is Corn Vainor reporting live outside of Outer Rim Excavations HQ.
Recently it was rumoured The Antarin Rangers had gone into a partnership with Toskan Industries to provide Materials to bother factions through the mining Faction Outer Rim Excavations (ORE)
Apparantly this deal has fallen through somewhat and it has just been announced that Rhys Skywalker (The Rangers Second in Command) has purchased the second half of ORE from Toskan Industries making the faction entirely TAR run.
We go now live to a press conferance where Rhys is expected to speak on the matter.
"Thank you gentle being its a pleasure to have you all here, I felt it best to inform the people of the galaxy that I have purchased half of Outer Rim Excavations on behalf of TAR so that we may continue to mine the Outer Rim.
The deal we had with Toskan industries did not fall through, they decided they did not need the services of ORE anymore and since it was a partnership offered to let TAR purchase the half of ORE. The entire project so far has been a success and this is merely a stepping stone.
I hope that TAR will prosper and ORE will be able to provide materials galaxy wide shortly."

We now cross over to sports..