RangerNews/July 2012

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In this month's issue you can read about the steady progress in Spinward Sector.
Additionally, Promotions and Recommendations are done. Make sure you buy your fellow comrades a beer when you meet them in the cantina.
And as always: Submit your entries for next months issue via DM to Char´kargis Olort or Vip Fortuna.

Construction Department

by Vip Fortuna

Constructions on Xo I
Constructions on Xo I (click to enlarge)

Xo I

Construction Department reports that they are matching their goal to build at least 100 new facilities on planet Xo I this month.
Accordingly to the development plan, in the first phase the concentration is on security and thus reducing crime. Officers of Freedom Warriors are responsible for surveillance. Reports already confirm that the local population feels more save in recent months.
In the next phase shops, hotels, offices and housing accommodations are to be erected to further satisfy the needs of the populace. Additionally, the government expects immigrants of all races from neighboring sectors to settle in Xo system and has ordered the planing council to develop mixed zones to support integration.

"All construction materials and prefabricated components are locally produced, even furthering the sectoral economy." a construction foreman says.


ORE is proud to announce that their newly built HQ (see RangerNews) has been completed and is fully operational.
The staff has already moved in and is enthusiastic about the healthy work atmosphere. Experts expect to see a massive efficiency rise for processing the bureaucratic operations.

Promotions & Recommendations

by Vip Fortuna
In the name of TAR High-Command, I am very proud to announce the following commendations and promotions.

E1-Petty Officer.png
Vanr Imiralis is being promoted to rank "Petty Officer". Congratulations.

Top-Graduate Ribbon awarded to Vanr Imiralis:.

Awarded to Ku´bakai Roche: for displaying superior service in a position of leadership.

ORE Service Ribbon is awarded to:

  • Vanr Imiralis
  • Casero Maten
  • Wrex Kressh
  • Krant Tillen
  • Roron Trebor
  • Walrus Odobenus Rosmarus

Schem Pel is awarded with the ORE Betterment Medal for his long-lasting loyalty.

Vip Fortuna is awarded with the "[DB5Y]" for 5 Years of Service. Way to go.

Flying The Maw

Our Recon Team is currently retrieving the hijacked freighter that got piloted into the maw by Ranger Apprentice Fesst Diszben (See last Ranger News)
TAR Judical Council is examining the possibility to put Mr. Diszben to court and accuse him for high treason.
Stay tuned for further information.