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A New Year. A New Hope.

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Academy News

by Chancellor Roche
At the academy we've had folks come and go but one Professor has stayed his post this past year Roron Trebor.
We would like to thank him for his work in helping to proofread as well as his eagerness to help develop more combat related lessons.

In recognition for his many hours of work we would like to promote him to be Assistant Chancellor of the Ranger Academy. He will thus be taking a larger role in helping develop lessons and also in helping students progress through the Academy.

We would ask those that have not yet finished their progress in the Academy to please as the holidays get past us to finish up your work so you can graduate and become true Rangers.

Aratech News

by President Roche
I would like to start the new year with a little piece on promotions and time served. It seems to be a good way to start the new year. I hope as things become more active we'll see more folks engaged in production and research in the coming year.
First I'd like to dish out the Service Ribbons.
Daktal Hearst is the longest serving member, however we aren't sure about his exact time of service as he seems to be mysterious about it, it is at least 5 years and probably many more :).
Now onto those we definitely know:

4 Years

Kairi Biloxi 14 Day 39

3 Years

Aidenolm Rosemourne Year 13 Day 351,
Akura Dominar Year 13 Day 290,

2 Years

Lim Admis Year 13 Day 129.
Raddix Odd Year 13 Day 227,
Szass Thuram Year 13 Day 275,
David Byte Year 13 Day 353,
Ku`Bakai Roche Year 14 Day 36,
Valek Press Year 14 Day 41
Lueving Tonato Year 14 Day 42,

1 Year

Fyston Sutsgy Year 13 Day 188,
Lothor Lohgun Year 13 Day 215,
Raiden Jin Year 13 Day 327,

6 Months

Torth Ladar Year 13 Day 265,
Star Landor Year 14 Day 11,
Gorgorot Blackhaert Year 14 day 12

Aratech Service Ribbon

In addition to Service Ribbons is the Aratech Service Ribbon.

The following have over the last year qualified for the Aratech Service Ribbon:

Fyston Sutsgy
Lothor Lohgun
Raiden Jin
Torth Ladar
Star Landor
Gorgorot Blackhaert

For Promotions two individuals have been doing a great job over the last year. One just joined us a few months ago and the other has been with us a few years.

It is with pleasure I hereby promote Lueving Tonato to Senior Chief Foreman in Aratech which holds the equivalent rank of Lieutenant in the Rangers. His dedication to assisting with manufacturing this past year has largely contributed to our success.

I would also like to promote Torth Ladar, who joined us about 6 months ago. He has been a great asset to the company helping in asset retrieval and deliveries. He will be assisting along with Lueving in production in the coming year as well as other duties. He is hereby promoted to the rank of Engineer Apprentice in Aratech, which holds the rank of Petty Officer in the Ranger structure. We would like to encourage Torth to finish his Academy lessons though. This will help him get other promotions.

The final order of business for this announcement is the awarding of this past year's Aratech Betterment Medal. We would like to present this medal to Lueving Tonato for his steadfastness and dedication to Aratech. He has been a pillar of strength through the last two years helping to turn around Aratech into the profitable business it has become. We thank him for his service thus far and hope he will continue to serve for many years to come.

Thank you and keep up the good work.
Ku`bakai Roche
for TAR High-Command