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Welcome Year 15

Aratech News

by Ku`Bakai Roche, President Aratech

With the Start of Year 15 as has become customary I would like to announce some promotions from within Aratech. These men have done a good bit of work the last year and we thank them for their service and hope they will continue this service in the coming months.

Lueving Tonato who has for many years now served faithfully (almost to his third year of service but not quiet) I would like to announce his promotion to Master Petty Officer in Aratech and Lt. Commander in the Rangers.

Torth Ladar who has served well for the last year to the rank of Engineer in Aratech, with a rank of Chief Petty Officer in the Rangers.

Gwazi Magnum who has only served a short time but made great strides to Engineer Apprentice in Aratech and Petty Officer in the Rangers.

These three men have done great work for Aratech in the past year. Without them we would not have had as successful a year as we have. We thank them for their service.

We have done well this past year, sales in early Year 14 were brisk but slowed as the year progressed due to tax changes that hit most governments and other entities. It is hopeful we'll see a new upswing in this coming year. We recently doubled our factory capacity on Asher I and have also signed a deal to construct factories on Urce IV in the coming year.

We have expanded our freighter fleet. We now have 4 GR-75s active in the fleet. We also just before the close of the year completed our first Brayl class Freighter that shall join the fleet. In addition we have acquired 3 squadrons of Y-Wings and 2 squadrons of R-41s to help defend our stations and ships as they ply the trade lanes.

We have also had to say goodbye to a few friends. Onasha Katr was a member of Aratech many years ago, an artist of great skill, she had left the corporation to join the Jedi Order. Sadly she joined with the Force not to long ago. Along with her we must bid farewell to Ryn Man, who had later in life gone by Dorn Ambrose. Ryn had rejoined then left Aratech again in the past year. Ryn was overeager but I had great hope for him in the galaxy. Sadly his light was cut short and he too has joined with the Force now.

I would like to announce that the next pay period (jan 2013) that Aratech will double its wages again. I believe we need to pay higher wages in order to retain and to acquire top talent. We've had trouble attracting researchers in particular. This increase in wages is going to place additional pressure on us to produce and sell vehicles. To this end we'll be looking at some deals for this new year and perhaps takes on some older ideas. I really appreciate what everyone does, even if time limits you from a more active role, just showing up and communicating means a lot.

I would like to award two awards this year though.

The first to Lueving Tonato. I would like to award him the Aratech Betterment Medal for his services. To Torth Ladar I would like to award a Letter of Commendation.

I don't want Gwazi to feel left out but he's only had about 6 months in to soon for an award, but nevertheless if you continue as you have been I'm sure one will come in the next year :).

I hope we'll continue to have prosperous years, and I hope the year ahead is more prosperous than the year left behind. May the Force be with us always!