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In this month's issue we have News by Aratech.

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Aratech News

by President Ku`Bakai Roche

My friends, its been a good year for us as a corporation.

We are on target to have generated another 100 million in sales since last year when Daktal Hearst made the announcement we had made a 100 million in sales for the first time in many years.

In addition to just the credits though we have acquired our first capital ship, built two research centres, increased our factories, increased our passive income, and increased our freighter fleet.

As such starting this month I have decided to double the pay of our active employees as a means of enticing folks to stick around. It is something I wanted to do earlier and I hope we can continue to do as sales continue to mount.

Some seem to think this was in error and tried to send the credits back but it was not an error :). I do hope that in the coming year we can continue to progress well and that we will continue to increase in profits. With Beta Combat coming out and some rules involving it there is the possibility that vehicle sales will increase, keep in mind its Beta though and that might not materialize but currently I see vehicles playing a big future role in hunting and patrols.

We may be starting up a new Project Oracle session to help find us some sort of new factory space in the coming year.


Ku`Bakai Roche President