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This issue contains Aratech News.
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Aratech News

Hover Transport TC9
Available Soon: Hover Transport TC9 (click to enlarge)

Aratech R&D has breaththrough
by President Roche

Our research facilities on Xo I have had their first success. In cooperation with other research facilities throughout the galaxy in a rare move of cooperation across companies and governments we are proud to announce that a new product is available in the galaxy.

Originally envisioned as an armed troop transport to fill the needs of planetary governments throughout the galaxy the Hover Transport TC9 has taken on new meaning with the Derra Plague and the war raging across that planet.

The well built hover transport can carry up to 18 men. That's enough for a full squad plus some support staff. It also has sufficient cargo capacity to allow those men to operate independent of a base for some time.

To assist in planetary control the TC9 is armed with twin heavy blasters to soften up any targets before disembarking her troops. It is expected that the transport will be popular for planetary defense garrisons, hunters, mercenaries and the like.

As the research was a cooperative effort, involving many corporations and governments the datacards of the TC9s manufacturing have been shared with all involved in the process and will be made available in the future to any future vehicle manufacturers to help get them off the ground.

Aratech plans to offer the TC9 at the low price of 460306 credits per unit. The first units will be on the assembly lines within the next few days.

This was President Roche.