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Ranger Oath
"To be a Ranger means knowing how to move in any environment. To blend in with the forest or grassland, to sail, to swim, to dive, to pilot. To be masters of our surroundings. We are good spies, good warriors, very adept at intrusion and escape."
Tyria Sarkin Tainer on being an Antarian Ranger. X-Wing:Wraith Squadron

The Antarian Rangers tread the path illuminated by The Force. A journey not taken lightly, for a Ranger is bonded to a philosophy that requires great strength and nobility of mind. Truth, Justice, Loyalty, Courage, Compassion and Honour are but a few of the ideals that The Antarian Rangers hold deep within their hearts. A Rangers word is a bond not to be broken.

The Antarian Rangers have a long history and have developed many close ties with other communities within the Galaxy. We are in the wonderful position of having a strong and close affiliation with The Jedi Order. The Antarian Rangers work with them on many different levels, including aiding The Jedi in the field of combat.

Primarily, The Antarian Rangers offer medical services. We are Combat Recovery Specialists operating under fire on the front line. With speed and agility, we rescue personnel and deliver them to safety, whether it is one sentient or a mass evacuation.

We are proud to have two sister factions, Outer Rim Excavations and Aratech. ORE, a mining faction, provides the Galaxy with Raw Materials for production and also building as a part of the mining process. Aratech is Vehicle Technology and Production, targeting the private, corporate and military sectors. All of our factions require personnel for various jobs, Pilots, Production Personnel, Technicians, etc. There are enormous prospects of rising through the ranks and developing into one of our most valued leaders.

Our Academy is, by far, one of our most valued assets. It will provide you with the knowledge and understanding for you to reach your goal, to becoming a great leader and a valued member of The Antarian Ranger family. Once through the Academy you will be provided with training in all aspects of The Antarian Rangers. You will be given a taste of what we do and from there you can decide on the direction of your career. We also provide Force Testing for those who wish it.

We pride ourselves on our strong sense of family and take great pleasure in the knowledge that the fellowship within The Antarian Rangers is second to none. We look forward to having you join our dedicated and hard working family.

Leadership Joining TAR

The Antarian Rangers is a group inside the Star Wars Combine.